Please follow this procedure before sending your request. 

When attempting to register the software the following message appears: "Unable to communicate with the Activation server. Please try again later. If the message persists, contact support at this address:". Further attempts produce the same result. 

The software must communicate with the LMSOFT Activation Server to validate and register the key. Personal or corporate firewalls can block this communication. 

Personal firewalls (Norton Firewall, ZoneAlarm, BlackIce, Outpost, McAfee Firewall, etc.) need to be configured to allow the software to communicate with the server. Generally these products will ask your authorization when the software first tries to establish communication with the server, i.e. "WebCreatorPro5.exe is attempting to access Internet. Do you wish to authorize it?" or something similar. You should obviously accept and also make this authorization permanent if possible.

Some firewall configurations block all new programs without any warning. To activate the software it will be necessary to manually add the software name to the authorized list. Provide for unlimited access for the software.

If all of this still fails, try to deactivate the firewall temporarily until the software has been activated. The majority of firewalls have an option to suspend their action. If not, you will have to terminate the firewall. Activate the software and then reboot your machine to restore firewall action.

For network or corporate firewalls it is generally impossible to modify anything. You will need to ask the network manager to make the required settings. 

If all of the above fails, disconnect your Internet connection temporarily and try the activation again. 
You will be given a new option: the off-line activation process. Follow the instructions to activate using another computer with a connection to the Internet that allows access to our activation server.