You can host your website created with Web Creator with any Internet Service Provider (ISP) of your choice, there are no restrictions, other than having sufficient disk space to transfer the complete contents of your website online, and making sure the configuration of the hosting server meets standard criterias to support Javascript, UTF8 international font standards, etc. 

Different plans may be best adapted to your needs depending on the size of your website, the volume of traffic you expect, and the need for advanced operations on your server (databases, etc.). 

Compare plans based on disk space, speed of the connection (data rate transfer), download or upload limits, email options, security and availability guarantees and technical support, among others. 

Most plans are renewable annually, and check for an automatic renewal clause in the contract that can make it easier to avoid having to keep track of renewal dates and risking losing your domain name or website in case you forget to renew. Make sure to opt out of the automatic renewal if you prefer to reevaluate your plan after a year.