Web Creator 2: 
Page names cannot be changed. In case a page needs to be renamed, the solution is to create a new page with the correct name and copy-paste all the elements on the page with the correct name, and fix all the links to that page in the website. 

Web Creator 3, Web Creatro Pro 4 & Web Creator Pro 5: 
In editing mode, go to the 'Pages' tool bar and select the page you wish to rename from the list. Right-click on the page thumbnail or click on the second icon from the top on the right side of the toolbar to rename the page. 

Changing a page name will break any link to that page. Make sure to check all the menus and buttons and fix the links to avoid errors in the website structure. 

Choose page names carefully to avoid having to change them later. Page names can have some impact on search engine optimization, so it is best to use relevant and specific keyword in naming pages. Keep page names short.