Patch for sending form data by e-mail.

Problem: In certain cases, sending form data by e-mail may not work. The symptoms are:

  1. Instead of just sending the data, an empty e-mail will open.
  2. If your visitor sends this e-mail, you will receive a blank e-mail.

This problem is caused because an incorrect key is added to the registry when opening MSN for the first time. This key is:


When this key is not followed by sub keys, it is useless and prevents the sending of any data through e-mail.
This problem is documented in detail in article 317104 of Microsoft Knowledgebase:;en-ca;317104&Product=ie

Removing the above key solves the problem. Those familiar with registry operations may delete it with Regedit. For the rest of us, LMSOFT has prepared a little program which will perform this operation.

Download and execute the patch: