Yes. First make your home page and menus. Connect the menus to pages which will be blank for now. Once all of the menu links are created, you can "select all" on the first page and copy and paste all elements to the other blank pages. This way, the menu structure and links will be kept, so you wont have to do them over again. 

Copy and paste is quite powerful, as all event/actions are carried over to the receiving page. When elements have identical names (i.e. "img1"), the software will rename the new one to avoid conflict and readjust the JavaScript automatically.

Another way to add identical pages is to use the 'Duplicate' option in the 'Pages' Toolbar, at the right of the page list. 

When creating pages, make sure that the page name you choose is correctly picked and spelled, because, although you can always change the name later on, any link to that page would be broken, so it is best not to rename pages.