Web Creator 1, Web Creator 2, Web Presenter and Presenter: 
- Frames are not supported.  A page created with Web Creator, Web Presenter, or Presenter can be inserted into a frame made by another Web authoring tool. 
- Forms, transactional pages, and data-acquisition pages cannot be created. Such pages can be created with specialized software and then linked with the presentation pages done with our products.

Web Creator Pro 3, Web Creator Pro 4 and 5: 
- Frames are supported through the 'Web Object' tool (Pro version only) 
- You can create forms with the 'Forms' tool (Pro version) to receive emails and data from your visitors. Forms can be connected to customized scripts and databases on your servers. 
- You can insert payment tools in a web object for simple transaction functions (Paypal cart and buttons). For advanced payments options, a 3rd party secure payment service is required, and database management and programming on your server as well.