You can use the control bar option in the animation settings dialog box. This will put a small control bar underneath the animation/video. It works, but it is not very esthetic. You may want to start the video from a button or any other element on the page.

With Web Creator and Presenter, use the Event/Action option of the element to be clicked. Then complete the sentence as follows:

When the mouse button is released then
the element Video1
will play

If the video was not initially visible on the page (visible option unchecked), a sentence with the action: will show needs to be added as well. Clicking on the element will cause the video to start. Another sentence can be completed with another element to stop or even make the video disappear using the "hide" action.

With older versions it is possible to avoid the control bar by using two pages A and B. This only works for CD-ROM application because web browser do not support small pages on top of a larger one.

  1. Get the first frame of your animation and make a image from it, of the same size as the animation.
  2. Place this image on page A, and create a link from it to a new page, called B.
  3. Give page B the same size and coordinates as the first frame image (use the "general object properties" for this).
  4. Save page A, click on the image. This will take you to a blank small page B.
  5. Place the animation in that small page.
  6. In the animation "link options", link the animation back to page A, or any desired page. The result: the animation starts whenever you click on it, and clicking again stops it and takes you to a new page.