This article applies to all LMSOFT products from Web Creator 2:

Typical message:

WebCreator4.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services
Application has generated an exception that could not he handled.
Process id= 0x214 (532), Thread id= 0x324 (804).
Click OK to terminate the application.
Click CANCEL to debug the application.

(numbers shown on 3rd line will vary)

** Web Creator 4 users running under Windows XP service pack 2 **

Service pack 2 for Windows XP installs a corrupt version of 2 files on some systems. This corruption prevents Web Creator 4 from even starting so these files must be fixed.

1. Download the following file:
2. Locate your "system32" folder under your Windows installation folder (ex: C:\Windows\System32)
3. Make a backup copy of perfc009.dat and perfh009.dat (rename-them to perfc009.old and perfh009.old for example)
4. Extract the files contained in the file you downloaded in (1) in system32

** Other systems **

The above solution has been tested and confirmed on Windows XP SP2 but it could also work on other systems. Try it and if it doesn't fix the problem make sure to put back the files as they were before the operation to avoid corrupting something else.

** Still not working? **

If the above solution isn't working for you, download this:

1. Extract the files in C:\Windows (or your Windows installation folder)
2. Execute the LMSOFT software
3. When the error occurs, press CANCEL
4. Please send me the message you obtain then at the following address: .. Please include any relevant information you may have including Windows version, LMSOFT product name and version, etc