Version 4 of Web Creator uses a new activation system which has been designed to simplify software activation. After releasing the software, some problems have been identified but to this date we do not have any official fixes for these problems.


Pro version :
Standard version :

** Your help would be appreciated **

If you wish to help us debug these problems, please contact Alexandre at the following e-mail address: with the following information:

- Your Windows version (95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, etc)
- A copy of your WC4.lic files (see below for locations)
- The exact message you get when the activation process fails for you.

If you do not wish to help us (it's purely optional), here are some tips that should help you get your software activated:

** WC4.lic : The license file **

The license file is initialized when you first run the software. This file is signed and matched to the computer on which it is created. Attempts to copy this file to another computer to avoid a second activation are pointless because of this and can even prevent the software from activating on that second computer.

** Deleting the license file **

We have reasons to believe the current issues with activation are caused by an incorrectly built signature in the license file. To fix this issue, you can simply delete the license file and allow the software to generate it again, and then complete the activation normally.

The license file is called WC4.lic and can be found in the software's installation folder. Simply delete it to re-initialize the signature.
ex: C:\Program Files\Mindscape\Web Creator Pro 4\WC4.lic

* If you are using Windows Vista, an additional copy of this file must be deleted. It will usually be found in your "Virtual Store" but depending on your network configuration it can vary. Ultimately, you should simply make a search for WC4.lic using the Windows search tool and delete any occurrence.
ex: C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Mindscape\Web Creator Pro 4\WC4.lic

Once the license is deleted, simply start the software again and activate your software.

** Another possible workaround **

Try a manual activation. To do so, simply click on "CANCEL" while the internet connection test is in progress. This will show you a dialog with simple instructions to allow you to activate your software from a Web page. This solution is good for users with limited or no internet connection at all.

** Still not working? **

Please refer to the "Your help would be appreciated" section at the start of this article, or submit a ticket to the support system with all relevant information and we will answer you shortly.