This article explains how to publish a Web site created with Web Creator on a CD-ROM or other removable media (DVD, floppy disk, flash cards, etc.) with autorun support.

1. Generate the Web output for your project
- Open your project
- Use the "Prepare for Web" command to generate your website
- You Web site will be located in the "Web Site\Complete" folder under your project folder
ex: C:\Documents and Settings\John Doe\My Documents\Web Creator\Project 1\Web site\Complete

2. Use a temporary folder if necessary to setup your media contents.
ex: C:\My CD-ROM
- Copy the Web output files to this folder
ex: C:\My CD-ROM\Complete
- Rename the folder as you see fit
ex: C:\My CD-ROM\My Photo Album

3. Create an autorun script (optional)
- Use Notepad to create a file named "Autorun.inf" in your work folder
ex: C:\My CD-ROM\Autorun.inf
- You will need to put the following lines in the file:
open=.\My Photo Album\index.html
Name=John Doe's Photo Album
Label=John Doe's Photo Album
- Save the file

- You can change both the name and label to whatever you wish
- The path needs to point to the first page you want to see open. The proposed value is an example.
- You can put several projects on the same CD-ROM and use a dummy project which simply points to the other projects.

4. Burn/Copy the data on the media
- The Autorun.inf file MUST be in the root folder of the media for the autorun to function.

5. Try it out!
- Certain media types do not support the autorun mechanism.
- Users can disable autorun on devices as they wish
- For the Web site to function properly, the user needs to have a valid standard browser