The first four numbers (in grey) correspond to the batch number. Your activation key can only activate the installer that matches the batch version of your serial number. You cannot activate the installer of a different batch version. 

 If the first four numbers in the activation form is different from your serial number:

  1. You bought a complete version instead of an activation key for your DEMO version. Reinstall using the download link in the invoice.
  2. You downloaded a DEMO version and installed it instead of using the original version that matched your licence (download or CD). Uninstall the DEMO and reinstall from your original source. 
For a download version: 
Use the link provided in your purchase confirmation or go to our Help Center to recover your licence information and installer:

For a CD version: 
In the case of CD versions, install from the CD and then download the update from our website before activating. 
You cannot activate a DEMO or download version if you purchased a CD version, so you must reinstall from your original CD.