The fact that a file is missing is serious. This means that Web Creator can not find the files where they are supposed to be, i.e. where they were found initially. This is almost always caused by the fact that the user moved files for the project and/or images. This never should be done.

To move a project, it is necessary to use Save as.... The software will transport everything, including making a copy of the images. Now, to find your images do a search with Windows, and then answer "yes" to the offer to locate them manually and point towards the folder given by the search. Repeat for all files. Use Save as... and then and work with this latest version.

The file management system has been changed for Web Creator 5, so that all the projects files are copied within the project and you can easily backup and copy-paste your project on a USB key, external disk, etc. and never loose files needed by your website.   

* Please note that Web Creator was designed to be compatible with Windows 98, Me, NT and XP only. 

Please purchase a licence of the latest version of Web Creator : 
-  if you are using a more recent version of Windows
- to benefit from advances in our technology to optimize visibility in search engines for better ranking 
- ensure compatibility with the latest web browser versions and mobile platforms to maintain accessibility for your visitors
Use your licence number to get an automatic discount upon the purchase of a licence of the latest version today!