This type of error is generally caused by the fact that the right files were not transferred to the right place.

It should be understood that Web Creator works on your computer with project files (entension LWC) that are not directly compatible with the Web. To put the project online, it is necessary to perform the "Prepare for the Web" stage. It is at this time that the files of the site will be created. There will be various files and folders which will be in under the "Master" directory under "Web Site", in which index.html resides. This is the file that will open when visitors go to your site in their navigator. If index.html is missing or is not directly with the root of FTP server, the site will not open and an error message will appear.

Normally, the transfer utility or FTP Site Manager automatically puts your project files in the correct places on the server, but as one can change the file source, it happens that users, believing that they are doing the right thing, change the source. A frequent error consists of transferring the file from the project or under the master folder. It is only the contents of "Master" which it is necessary to transfer and not even that folder.

To ensure you that the correct files are in the right place, use FTP Site Manager or any other FTP-client software to see your FTP server. When it loads, you must see index.html among the files at the root or the highest folder. If this is not case, it is recommended to delete your files (except the hosting system files and the quota file) and to start the transfer again by you ensuring that index.html is visible in the left window.