Versions affected by this issue:

· Web Creator products version 4 and lower
· Web Creator and lower (version fixes this issue)
· This affects Standard and Pro versions in the same manner


Internet Explorer 10 generates javascript errors for code that worked perfectly well in older versions of this browser, causing an important part of code that is required for proper browsing to not execute.


These errors will result in some links and all menus to not function in this browser.


Web Creator 5 (and higher) users should simply install the latest update from the Update Center.

For Web Creator 4 (and older) users, this is an unfortunate turn of events. This is an issue that we could not foresee 10 years ago when the software was designed and the support for these versions is long discontinued. We invite users of these versions to upgrade to version 5 at the very least to fix this issue or otherwise add warnings on their sites to inform their visitors they cannot use the site with Internet Explorer 10+. Make sure you enter your old version's serial number on the order form to get a rebate on the full cost of the software.