Various error messages can occur while trying to establish a connection with your host's FTP server.

The first thing is to check meticulously the FTP address, the user name, and the password. Use copy and paste to avoid confusion with l, i, I, and 1, among others.

Try again later and check if the server is not broken down.

It can be that the utility of free transfer provided with Web Creator is not able to connect to certain types of servers (message: socketln abort). In this case you will have to use another software that is more robust. There are many on the Web, some of which are free.

LMSOFT offers an FTP client at a moderate cost: FTP Site Manager. A fully functional 30-day demonstration is available on our site. This software will be integrated automatically into Web Creator and will replace the small utility. FTP Site Manager makes it possible to see the files on the server, which makes it possible better to understand what occurs and to delete files that are not necessary any more.