In order to ensure the best possible service from our technical support, please provide us with sufficient relevant information to understand the problem and identify its cause. 

This will allow us to provide you with a precise solution quickly, rather then having to request additional information and details in order to eliminate possibilities until we figure out what the problem is. 

*** IMPORTANT: First and foremost, install the latest update to fix any issue that has already been reported to us and for which a fix is immediately available. ***

If the problem still isn't resolved, submit a ticket with the following information:  

Problem details:  
Describe clearly and concisely what you were trying to do, and what problem occurred. 

Copy-paste the actual description of the error within the dialog box so that LMSOFT may diagnose the error or identify the components causing it. 
Do not send a screen capture of the error, a JPG, PDF or .doc file containing an image of the error. This will not allow LMSOFT to access the information needed to analyse the error and find a solution. 

How to replicate the error: 
Describe clearly and concisely the actions or changes that preceded the error so that we may identify the module or function in question and try to replicate it. 
For example: 
When opening the software, creating a  new project, opening a specific project/page, saving a page,m regenerating, changing a menu, adding an image gallery, creating a link to a file, etc.

System information: 
- Windows version 
- .NET Frameworks version 
- Web Creator version (including latest update)
- Web browser used and web browser version (for visualization problems)

Any other relevant info: 
- Solution attempts and results
- Address of page if website is online 
- Specific project pages which have the problem,