You had an error while using Web Creator. Here is the information you need to send in order to: 
- report the error to LMSOFT
- get technical support

*** IMPORTANT: First and foremost, install the latest update to fix any issue that has already been reported to us and for which a fix is immediately available. ***

If the error still isn't resolved, submit a ticket with the following information:  

Error details:  
Copy-paste the actual description of the error within the dialog box so that LMSOFT may diagnose the error or identify the components causing it. 
Do not send a screen capture of the error, a JPG, PDF or .doc file containing an image of the error. This will not allow LMSOFT to access the information needed to analyse the error and find a solution. 

How to replicate the error: 
Describe clearly and concisely the actions or changes that preceded the error so that we may identify the module or function in question and try to replicate it. 
For example: 
When opening the software, creating a  new project, opening a specific project/page, saving a page,m regenerating, changing a menu, adding an image gallery, creating a link to a file, etc.

System information: 
- Windows version 
- .NET Frameworks version 
- Web Creator version (including latest update)
- Web browser used and web browser version (for visualization problems)

Any other relevant info: 
- Solution attempts and results
- Link to online website 
- Specific project pages which have the problem,