You want to reinstall Web Creator 3 following the loss or change of your computer but not longer have access to the installer and/or licence info

Use the recuperator tool on the LMSOFT helpcenter to retrieve your licence information and/or the installer that matches your batch version*:

*Note that your licence may only activate the installer of the same batch version. If you installed another batch version, you must uninstall it and install the correct one to activate. 

If the installer for your batch version isn't available on the server (distributor or third-party versions), you should contact the technical support to see if it is possible to get a download link for that version. 

You get an error message when trying to activate Web Creator 3: serial number already registered under another email / your licence information cannot be verified / problem detected, please contact LMSOFT. 

- Try to recuperate your licence info with the recuperator of the helpcenter to verify that you are using the correct licence information:
- The end user licence agreement allows you to activate Web Creator on up to 3 computers. If an excessive number of activations are detected, the licence may be suspended. In that case, please send a message to and give us some information about the activations that your have done yourself (approximate number and dates) so that we may verify it against our registration database. Provided that the information coincides with our records, we will reactivate your licence so that you can use it 3 times again as per the end user licence agreement. 
- An input error may have occured when registering initially, which causes the information you are now using not to match with our records. Send an email to so that we may check your profile information the one you provide us to confirm your identity, and we will give your the information as entered in the profile so that you may log on and make the corrections. 

Problem: Web Creator 3 doesn't start on your new computer

Web Creator 3 was designed and tested to be compatible with Windows 98, NT, Me et XP. If you are now using a later version of Windows, you will need to aqcuire a licence of the latest Web Creator version as well to ensure its compatibility with the operating system version you ate using. 

You should buy a licence for the latest Web Creator version: 
- if you are now using a more recent version of Windows
- to ensure optimal compatibility with the latest web browser versions and maintain accessibility for your visitors on all mobile platforms
- to benefit from advances in the web technology and web standards
- to get a better ranking in search engines with the code optimization

* Use your licence number in the purchase form to get an automatic discount on the purchase of a licence of the latest version today or contact us to ask us about our latest promotion!*