Conversion versus new

Conversion is the process by
which a project created in an older version of Web Creator is saved into the
new version file formats. Doing so allows you to continue developing your
website with the latest version of Web Creator and maximize your work
efficiency by using the new and improved editing tools, while benefiting from
the optimization of the code for search engines and latest browser versions.

* See the article BC2043 - Converting a project with a
previous version
for detailed instructions on project conversion.

Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to consider
creating a new project to modernize the design of a site, Fix structure
problems or ergonomics, restructure the content, etc.
Despite the work
involved in creating a new website, you can easily maximize the ROI, so it's an
option worth considering.
this may be an opportunity to rethink the presentation of the contents of your
site to get more conversions, or identify new keywords and add content to
improve your SEO for example.

The development time of a new website may be
considerably reduced compared to creating your initial project, as much of the
contents would already be created. In fact, you can retrieve a good part of the
contents of your original project by copying and pasting text and images.
 Thus, the investment
required to build a new website would be significantly reduced and could be
mostly centered on making improvements and efforts to improve the ranking and
visibility. Moreover, editing tools
introduced in version 5 make it possible to create much faster than before.

Some advantages to ponder:

Graphics corresponding to the
current standards of Web

Code optimized for search

Compatibility with the latest
versions of browsers

Structure redesigned to
facilitate navigation and usability

Revision of content optimization
for search engines (keywords)