Projects developed with the previous version can be converted
into the latest version of Web Creator by following these precautions:

- Make a backup copy of the original project before conversion

- Install the latest updates on all Web
Creator versions

- Open the project in the new version and create a new
copy of the converted project

- If there are any error messages during the
conversion, check which files are causing the errors:

If they are generated files (like images
of buttons), these error messages can be ignored since the files will be
regenerated in the new project once the conversion is complete.

If they are inserted files, note the files
and pages in question and delete the reference to proceed with the conversion.
Reintegrate the files after the conversion or verify that the file is present
in the project.

- Some external code can cause conversion errors,
especially very long codes such as YouTube or Google Map. If you have such
codes, try removing them to convert the project. These can be reinserted
after the conversion is complete.

- It is better not to 'jump' version to convert your
project, given the significant changes in the software code from one version to
another, the addition and replacement of certain tools, etc.. If
necessary, you can download the installer of the intermediate version and use
it in demo version to convert your project from 3 to 4, then the 4 to
5. Regenerate your project in the latest version once activated to remove
the message from the DEMO version in your project.

Demo version of Web Creator 4 Standard*:

Demo version of Web Creator 4 Pro:

* If you are using a demo version to convert your
project, be sure to use the correct build (Standard or Pro) that matches your
license of the latest version. You can convert a project from the Standard to
the Pro version, but it is not possible to 'downgrade' to the Standard version
of Web Creator 5 after converting the project with the Pro version 4 because of
all the additional editing tools that don't exist in the Standard

Technical support:

If the conversion does not succeed following the previous instructions, the
LMSOFT technical support may assist you to convert your project. External
code or corrupted files in the project can prevent the conversion, even if they
cause no detectable problem in the original version of the project. Such errors
will be identified and fixed so that a functional version of the
project may be retrieved with minimal losses. 

To get support for the conversion of your

- Open a technical support ticket by connecting with your registration

- Describe the result of the conversion process
(following the steps previously described). Make sure to clearly indicate
what you have already tried to allow technicians to find the cause of the
conversion problem more efficiently.

If all necessary information has been submitted, the
technical support will send you the process to send your project so that we may
try to fix it and convert it for you. If there is missing information, our
technicians will ask for it before they can fix and convert your project.

See the article KB2080 - Conversion versus creating a new project in
the latest Web Creator version
 for the benefits of creating a new
project and how to recover the maximum of an existing project into a new