We have been advised of the following installation problem and solution : 

- During installation, the Adobe Flash Installer stalls at 40%. The rest of the installation process is normal. 
- When launching Web Creator, a blue welcome screen with Web Creator logo appears, but it hangs indefinitely and never proceeds to the activation screen
(problem reported on Windows 7 64 bytes)

Conflict between Internet Explorer 9 and CA Anti Virus

Install the 'fix patch' for Internet Explorer 9

In light of this problem, we advise any client having issues launching Web Creator to update their default browser and make sure that they have all the available and applicable patches and fixes installed so that Web Creator can call up the browser to open the activation website normally. 

The welcome screen stays white, the activation page cannot launch and the program doesn't start. 

We are currently working on identifying the cause of this problem that has only recently been reported to us for the first time. We do not have sufficient information as of yet, as the problem only has been reported by about a dozen persons so far. We believe it may have something to do with a recent update which interferes with security authorizations and /or user account controls. 

The following alternative solutions have allowed the clients in question to successfully install and activate Web Creator: 
- Use a different computer
- Use a different user on the same computer 

If you have the problem described above, you can submit a ticket to the technical support to provide us with additional information to try to find the cause of the problem. 

Best Regards,