There are :

 8 styles x 18 page templates x (40 picture themes + 15 abstract themes) x 31 color palette = 245 520 possible combinations you can create with Template Creator to create a website in Web Creator. 

You can also start from a blank page, and build up your own template with your own images and/or the graphic design tools in Web Creator. 

Therefore, the number of available themes does  not account for all the possibilities to create a unique website with Web Creator. To make the most of Web Creator, you should consider the 8 styles as suggestions for the layout of elements and contents in a website, from which you can create infinite variations. 

The layout of graphic elements SHOULD be adapted to fit your specific content to create  a visual hierarchy of information with sections, lines, banners, etc. Indeed, the structure of your website should be made to fit your contents, and not the other way around, if you want to achieve the sleek look and efficiency of a professional website. 

We strongly recommend that you do not limit yourself to the 8 themes, but that you experiment and develop your own template by adding your own image to the banner, customize the menu, etc. You can create your own graphic elements efficiently from within Web Creator with Line Creator, Box Creator, etc. to enhance your design, ass items from the library (bullets, animations, etc.). 

Advanced users can even create their own items in Photoshop for instance. 

Because the development time is greatly reduced when using Web Creator to create a website, you can make a better website, faster, with the integrated design tools in Web Creator and truly customize your website to your contents to stand out!