Unable to activate: the first 4 digits of the serial number are greyed and cannot be changed. 

1- Log on to the update center to download and install the latest available update:
If your licence isn’t registered yet because you are activating for the first time, you can register manually to access the update center:

2- Installers are batched: your licence can activate the installer of the batch that begins with the same 4 numbers only. If the first 4 numbers don’t match your serial number in the activation screen, you cannot activate the version installed and must reinstall from the source that matches your licence (CD, Demo or download).
For download versions, use the link at the bottom of the purchase confirmation sent by email or use the licence and installer tool to recuperate the installer that matches your licence:

3- Follow the procedure below if you have the wrong batch version installed: 
- Uninstall Web Creator completely
- Download the installer that matches the batch of your licence
- Install Web Creator Pro, but don’t open the software
- Download the latest available update available :
- Install the update
- Activate the software with your serial number

4- You can keep a backup copy of the installer on a CD, USB key or external disk in case you need to reinstall. Remember to install the latest update before you start using Web Creator if you install from a backup copy of the installer.
The online installer however includes the latest updates. You can retrieve your licence information and the installer that matches your licence by using our online tool: