A Sitemap is an xml file that contains information to improve the indexing of a website by search engines. 

To create a Sitemap in Web Creator; 
- Go to the 'Tools' menu and click on the 'Site Map' option
- Fill in your website URL
The xmal file is automatically generated in the 'Web' folder. 

- Priority: 
Set a priority for the pages of your website to tell search engines which pages to scan first (knowing that they usually don't scan everything).
Ex.: Pages with a lot of keyword rich and content relevant to describe your website should have the highest priority, whereas pages with mostly images or a gallery should have a lower one. 
For instance, if your home page has mostly images, you might want to give a page describing your products or services a higher priority.

- Update Frequency: 
Adjust the frequency at which you want the search index to scan your website with the frequency of your updates: if you do seldom updates, it would be pointless to tell the search engines to scan it everyweek just to see that nothing changed. 
On the contrary, if you do frequent updates, it would be better to choose a more frequent update setting so that your changes are reflected faster in the search engine indexing. 

* Note: A Sitemap is no guarantee that your website will be indexed at all, or that it will have a good ranking. Indeed, search engines now take into consideration the proper organisation and quality of the contents your offer your visitors. Websites optimisez for their visitors are considered more relevant then website that are only optimised for the search engines themselves, a practice search engines now try to discourage by penalizing excessive optimisation. Check Google's advice for webmasters for more do's and dont's, and make sure your website is relevant to your visitors first and foremost. *