If a website works correctly in local mode (visualisation) but appears differently once transfered online, it generally means that the website was properly generated by Web Creator but that there was a transfer problem between your computer and the server. 
 Here are some of the more common transfer problems and their solutions:

- Wrong local files:

Make sure you are transferring the CONTENTS of the 'Web' folder in your project.
Not the complete Web Creator project, and not the actual 'Web' folder itself, but all the files inside it. No more no less. 

- Wrong distant folder:
Make sure the location to which you are transferring your website has public access.
Depending on the security level of your hosting service and the specific configuration of your server, the root may require an authentified access for instance.
Your hosting service may require you to copy the site to a public folder (public_html for example).
Check with your hosting provider if they have such requirements. 

- Sub-folders not supported by the server:
If the server doesn't support the creation of subfolders during the transfer, images may be copied to a different place than in the website on your computer, or may not be copied at all.
Use a complete FTP tool to view the structure of the website on your computer and compare it to what is on your hosting server and make sure the folders and subfolders are identical. 

- The server doesn't support long folder names or names containing special caracters:
Try changing your subfolder names or check with your hosting provider to see if it is supported. 

- An error occured during transfer but was ignored:
Transfer again, and make sure there are no errors during the transfer 

- Allocated memory on server exceeded:
Your website is larger then disk space allowed on your hosting server.
The transfer may seem complete, but a pat of the project may have been refused by the server. 

- ASCII versus binary transfer modes:
This option is only available to configure the connexion on complete FTP transfer tools, such as FTP Site Manager and FileZilla
You must use the binary transfer mode to transfer a website.
ASCII (text) mode doesn't transfer images correctly. The general layout of the website may seem ok, but images appear corrupted and chopped when this option is selected.