The following are common solutions to update installation problems:

- 'Installer intergrity has failed' error:
Download the installer again and try installing again

-Pro vs Standard:
Make sure you are trying to install the correct type of update for the version of the software you have

- Language
You must install the update in the same language as the software

- Cannot find program
You must install the update in the same folder where the Web Creator .exe is installed.
If the proposed path is incorrect, you must manually select the correct location of the Web Creator .exe

- NSIS Bug (Installation manager)
An extra occurence of the last part of the file path is sometimes added when browsing files manually.
If this is the case, you must delete it so that the file path matches where the .exe really is.

If the problem still persists, you may post a ticket to the Technical Support abou the issue.

Please specify the following:
- Web Creator version
- Windows version
- NET Frameworks version