It is paramount that the latest available update be installed before you post a ticket to the technical support: 

- To benefit from an immediate solution if a fix or patch is already available in the update: if we have been advised of the issue by another user, there is a chance that the issue may be fixed already and you would have an immediate solution to your issue. 
- To allow our technicians to eliminate variables and identify the cause more efficiently when trying to replicate the problem: if the update doesn't fix your issue, having the latest update will allow our technicans to try to replicate the issue under the same conditions as you, which allows us to identify the variables and cause more efficiently. 

Install the latest update:
- Log on to the update center to download the latest update:
- Always regenerate your project after an update so that the changes are applied to all the files
- Make a complete transfer of the website on the server to view the changes (you may need to empty the cache of your browser). 

Post a ticket: 
You may log on to the technical support and post a ticket if the problem is not resolved by installing the update. 

Please provide us with the following information to help us better assist you: 
- Web Creator version (as per the 'About Web Creator' window in the 'Help' menu in Web Creator
- Windows version 
- What: description of the problem (with relevant details like actual text description of the error if you get an error message, or screenshot for a problem with graphic elements for instance) 
- How: detailed explanation on how to replicate the problem
- Is the problem specific to a page or project in particular, or any page/project?
- The solutions you attempted and results