Read carefully to continue using the data transmission service Dataform

Important security update for Dataform :

LMSOFT will make important changes to Dataform and its terms of use in order to comply with anti-SPAM requirements from Internet service providers.

Indeed, anti-SPAM filters are becoming increasingly sensitive in response to increasingly sophisticated attacks from spammers. Caught in the midst, legitimate companies are sometimes blocked by the offensive against SPAM.

Thus, LMSOFT will implement an important security update to better protect Dataform both from spammers themselves and an inadvertent lock-down of our server by Internet service providers.

Changes will become effective as soon as the update is made available.
This update is mandatory in order to continue using the service.

Validation with registration information

Dataform will now be secured through a validation step using the serial number and email used for registration.

Two new input fields are thus added to the Dataform properties box and must be validated against our records before the information from the form is sent to the destination address.

Warning and licence

To continue using Dataform, you must:
- Download and install the latest update
- Open your project
- Open your form
- Enter the mandatory security information
- Regenerate your project
- Update the changes online

Non-updated forms will no longer work.